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TLC Homecare ~ November Company News

TLC Homecare ~ November Company News


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Alaska!

November is finally here along with the many joys that come with this time of year; like snowmen, sweaters, snow tires, sledding, snow angels, snow machines, snowball fights (etc.) We hope you all are as ready as can be for the long, cold, dark, yet beautiful, winter months ahead. Stay bundled up and drive safe on the slippery roads remembering to leave a little earlier to where you need to be. As you may be the safest driver ever, we can’t all say the same for others that we share these Alaska roads and highways with. For our families and friends in Fairbanks and the North Pole, remember to drink lots of water as the weather can be brutally dryer than Anchorage’s. Don’t forget to plug in your vehicles as needed usually at about 20 degrees. As stated in October’s newsletter, it’s a good idea to keep a care package in your car in case of any roadside emergencies.

Happiest Birthday wishes!!

We want to wish all our Scorpio and Sagittarius babies a happy, happy birthday! As you all are aware by now, it is TLC tradition to have cupcakes in both offices the 2nd payday of each month, to celebrate all our special days. So, when you pick up your check that day, be sure to grab a cupcake as well.

Employee of the month

We will now announce our two employees of the month of October. For our Anchorage office we have selected Raven Carpenter and for our Fairbanks office, we have nominated Emily Foust! We want to take this time to just honor you both and thank you for being amazing, for always going above and beyond, and for being selfless in all you do for our clients. We have, “employee of the month,” shirts for you both, along with gift cards, and a certificate. Please be picture ready when picking these items up as we will need a photo for the caregiver “Wall of Fame”.

Company updates

We do have a new office staff member in the Anchorage office that we want to introduce and welcome to the family! Ele’elesa Fualema will be taking the place of Vera. Please make time and come by to meet her, if you have not already done so. Any scheduling issues, feel free to contact her and she would be more than happy to assist you with anything you need. Our Kaitlyn is here in the office as well but will be transitioning into the client side of things, so as Kaitlyn will always be available, we ask that you all get in the habit of who to go to about specific matters to keep the consistency and communication lines clear and opened.

Few footnotes for our field staff.

• We have not been having many call outs and no shows which is amazing! We have also slowed down as well for missed clock in/outs! Bravo to the team on that! We do still want to remind everyone to use client’s landlines or dedicated lines to clock in/ out and when logging any miles used with and for the client.

• When taking clients out, please be sure they are dressed warm and bundled up as needed wearing the right type of shoes.

• Be very careful when assisting in and out of homes and vehicles. Salt the driveways and sidewalks for safe transferring.

• Another important thing for our short 1 or 2-hour shifts, we want to remind you all that if you are needing hours, they may not seem like a lot at the time offered, but do add up during the week. If you want to be the one to call for all short shifts call the office, so we know to call you first.

Other than that, we just want everyone to please be safe out on the roads. We appreciate you all and know, that without a doubt, we have the absolute best care professionals on our team. Thank you all for playing your part. Until next time.

Love, TLC family!


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