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We cannot be any more excited about the new and upcoming changes in our offices. We will send messages out to our field staff so that everyone is aware. We are truly honored to have such a great bunch of caregivers as well as office staff.

-We would like to start the New Year off by acknowledging our Care team in both offices.

We have Kaitlyn Court in Anchorage Alaska, as our Client Care Coordinator, Ele’e Fualema in Anchorage Alaska, in the Recruiting & Hiring Department. Ciera Briggs of Fairbanks Alaska, as our Client Care Coordinator, Lerusa Mavaega of Anchorage in our Billing & Accounting office, and Eni Mavaega as the Marketing Director.

We thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts for how much we have all grown together this last year as a team, and as a family. We want to let each and every one of you know, that we truly appreciate your hearts for the line of work that we all have committed ourselves to. May we continue to grow and learn to be better at our roles and in continuing to provide quality, compassionate care for those in need.

-Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to all our Capricorn and Aquarius babies. We hope you all enjoy your special day. As always, we will have cupcakes in both offices on the second payday of each month. So, do be sure to pick up your birthday cupcake when you come in for your checks that day.

-Employee of the Month

Announcing our caregivers for the month of December…
We have selected Alisa Moliga in Anchorage, and Erin Dodds in Fairbanks. Thank you, both for going above and beyond taking that extra mile for our clients and their families. We continue to receive calls from clients and their families on how much our staff alone has changed their lives by providing care. The testimonies are heartwarming reminders of the parts that each one of us plays in our very own communities. We would also like to announce our very 1st “Employee of the year” Kaitlyn Court!

Kaitlyn Court started working here at TLC Home Care in March of 2017 as a scheduler. Kaitlyn has grown so much in the last year learning our processes and protocols to be able to assist in coordinating care for our clients and is continuing to thrive as she is now transitioning into the client side of things as the Client Care Coordinator here in Anchorage. Kaitlyn always has a can-do attitude, is a very optimistic, uplifting, and goes above and beyond not only for our clients and their families but for our field staff as well. We thank you, Kaitlyn, for your courage to learn new things and dependability to get the job done. You are the true definition of a TLC Employee! We love and appreciate you, Kaitlyn! You make us very proud to have you at the forefront and can’t wait to see the outcome of your growth here with TLC Home Care.

-Footnotes for field staff

• If you don’t get the information for your shift, call the office and keep calling until you get an answer.

• Everyone has an online portal and the app was just released. We did send a mass message out with all the info in setting that up. However, if you need help setting it up or have any questions at all, we can help you with that. At a minimum, everyone has access to this portal and can check your schedule and check for shift times and a clients address. There should be no way that you miss shifts due to the efficiency of our system. Please use it to the best of your advantage.

• Make sure that you are transferring the client safely so that you do not injure yourself or the client in the process of transfer. If you are unsure of how to transfer or would like a little more training or support let the office know and we will come out for a home visit and make sure you have what you need to make things work at your site.

• Make sure that when any incidents occur, you must fill out the incident report that is available to all staff in the purple binders. If your client does not have a purple binder or no incident reports, let the office know so we can come by for a home visit and re-up the home on forms and collect notes for the month.

• Feedback on services is important. Field staff must report and let the office know of any problems with the client and their care so that we can fix and address any issues or potential issues.

• If you’re going to call out of your shift, you must do it with ample time. If you think you won’t be able to do the shift you must let the office know so that the client does not go without care.

Continued denial of shifts will result in deactivation status on our list for shifts available. If you need to update your availability, the form to do that is in the office or you can call the office and make sure that we have it on file so that we honor the status of your availability.

-We appreciate you all and hope you have a wonderful New Year.

Go out there and make this year count. Remember that everyone has the same number of hours in a day, as the next person. What you do with your time is all in your hands. Until next time, love the TLC Family!