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Hello again,  family and friends.

February is here with a fresh batch of good news for everyone! We hope that the new year brought new opportunities for you, as it has for us here in town and in the state. TLC Home Care, LLC is proud to announce that we will be rolling out a new “Training Program”. This specific training is not only for our office staff and caregivers, but we are also looking at holding free public training as well! We see such a need for this specific training in the communities and in the neighborhoods, that we serve.

This last month, Alaska was declared the most dangerous place to live in the entire United States of America! We want to make a change! For that to happen we must implement a “different approach” at this type of evil rising in our streets. These are the same streets that we raise our children on and go out for public community events, and if they are not safe than we are living in fear of what may happen. We will explain further in detail how we plan to change this declaration by the end of the year in this newsletter. But let’s get the nitty gritty out of the way before we talk more about our plans for this year!


Happy Birthday

We want to take this time now to wish all our Aquarius and Pisces babies, a happy birthday! We have cupcakes in the offices for your special day on the second paydays of each month, so be sure to pick up your birthday cupcake when you come by to pick up your check and be sure to say hello to our office staff.

Employee of the Month

We have nominated 2 employees of the month of January. Rachel Powell for Fairbanks and Lena Silver for Anchorage. Thank you both for having the heart to make a difference in our client’s lives, and in the communities, that you work in. We will let you know when to come in and get your employee of the month shirts, certificate of appreciation, and a gift card from the office. We take pictures of all our employees of the month for our Wall of Fame so be picture ready. Thank you again for all you do. We honor, respect, and love all our field staff!!

Just a few footnotes!

• If you feel you need more training with your client, call the office to set that up and we will come out to do a one on one training to ensure that you have the support you need. If you still don’t feel comfortable with the client tasks we will find a better fit for you and the client.

• If you have given us your availability and accepted shifts, days, and times, do not complain of the accepted shifts. We will take you out and replace them with another caregiver. We want you to love where you work. So again, please note that we are always listening and be careful what you ask for.

• The late clock in and clock outs are still an issue and we will be continuing to send messages and making calls to remind you all of this. You at some point will be called in the office to talk and have disciplinary actions take place from now on if it continues. Clock in and out, and there will not be actions taken. Simple as that.

Specialized Training

We are going to slowly be implementing and holding trainings for our current office staff, new office staff, all field staff, and the public as well, on the importance of having “World Changing Mindsets” to become better advocates for our clients, their families, our own families, as well as the communities that we serve! If it takes one candlelight to light the rest and create a burning fire here in the city and state then we want to be that light! This is an issue that needs to be addressed.

We feel that the focus should be on training the heart and mind to make an impact in people’s lives. Whether it be just an uplifting word of encouragement for the troubled teen standing at the corner, or a simple smile to a stranger at the local grocery store, just a simple and sincere gesture and reminder that there are still good people here in this town shedding some hope or light for our great state!

Alaska is home to us all and to the children we raise, and it really breaks our hearts to see the type of imagery that is being portrayed to the world about us here in AK. Let’s take back the streets and this great state one heart and one home at a time. Please give us any feedback and suggestions on what we can do to offer the help where we can. We will have open house discussions about what would be good to include in the training and love to hear what the community has to say about what they want to see as far as changes. Call us to speak with our Marketing Director Eni Mavaega!

Thank you all for the love and support in making us better. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts and will continue to do our due diligence in making Alaska great again.

Kindest regards, from our TLC family to yours!