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If your elderly family member has never been a fan of exercise in the past, she may not be excited about it now, either. But exercise can help her so much more than she might realize. In fact, for many elderly adults, exercise is a key factor in helping them to live the lives that they really want to be able to live.

It Helps Her Body Become Stronger in Many Ways

Your senior’s heart, lungs, and muscles definitely become stronger through exercise, but it can help her maintain strength in other ways, too. Exercise can help her to manage some of the chronic health conditions that she might face, even if it can’t reverse the condition completely. There may be some specific exercises that work best for your elderly family member’s specific health concerns.

It Can Help with Mood Regulation

Some aging adults find it difficult to regulate their moods as they grow older. This can be for a variety of reasons, but exercise can definitely help. Just a little bit of extra movement in every day can make a big difference. Getting outside for a little while just ups the benefits.

She Might Avoid a Fall

Many aging adults who fall do so because they have compromised balance or they aren’t strong enough for their muscles to support their body. Exercise can help because it improves balance overall and strengthens core muscles, which your senior needs in order to help her avoid falling. Some specific exercises, such as yoga, might be a good choice.

Exercise Helps Her Stay More Independent

Being able to continue living on her own, even with the help of senior care providers and you, can be a big deal for your aging adult. Exercise can help her to maintain her current level of independence. Keeping the status quo may be all that your senior needs in order to make sure that she doesn’t need to move or worry about needing help around the clock.

Exercise doesn’t have to be intense to do some good. Talk with your elderly family member’s doctor about how much exercise she needs and whether it’s okay for her to start a new exercise program.

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