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What Are the Best Ways to Make Photo Albums Perfect for Your Elderly Loved-one?

Photo albums are a wonderful way for your loved-one to retain her memories, even when the events in the photos are long past. There are some tips you can use in order to make photos and photo albums the best they can be for your loved-one.

Make Duplicates of Photos Before Putting them in the Album

Lots of bad things can happen to photographs and it’s a terrible feeling to know that the last copy of a particular picture is destroyed or has gone missing. An excellent way around this is to make copies of the photos you have as soon as possible so that you have backups if you should ever need them. This also makes it easy to give duplicates to other family members if you want.

Label All Photos Clearly and Thoroughly

If you’re like most families, you’ve probably got a variety of loose photos as well as some photos in albums. It can take some time to go through all of the pictures and make sure that they’re all labeled accurately. You may want to use a sticker on the back of the photo and include all pertinent information, such as the date, the names of people in the picture, and the location of the picture. This can be helpful for your elderly loved-one and for other people, such as home care providers, who look at the albums with your loved-one.

Put Together Several Smaller Albums

It’s possible that your elderly loved-one has a tremendous amount of pictures that she’s collected over the years, but left in one album, they’d be overwhelming. That’s why it’s a good idea to break up the collection over several smaller albums. This also allows your loved-one to look at only one part of her photo collection, if that’s what she wants to do.

Collect Other Mementos that Match the Photos

The beauty of putting together an album is that it doesn’t have to contain photos only. If your loved-one has other mementos, such as playbills from a performance or something else she’s saved, you can store those together in the same album with the photos that relate. You can even make scrapbooking a regular project for you and your elderly loved-one to enjoy together.

Work with your loved-one to put together photo albums that you and she can enjoy for years to come.

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