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Affecting approximately one million people throughout the United States each year, shingles is a potentially devastating infection stemming from the same virus that causes chickenpox. The risk of contracting shingles increases with age and elderly adults are more likely to experience the severe complications and consequences that can result from this infection.

As a family caregiver, it is important that you take the proper steps to ensure that they are getting the care that they need if your senior develops shingles. One way that you can do this is starting home care for them, and in-home senior care services provider can help your parent to manage their shingles and work through their recovery in the way that is right for them.


Some ways that home care can help a senior dealing with shingles include:

  • Providing medication reminders that encourage compliance so that you are aging parent remembers to take any medication that is prescribed to them how and when they are supposed to in order to gain maximum benefit.
  • Handling tasks throughout your parents home such as tidying, doing laundry, doing dishes, taking out the trash, preparing meals, and other such activities of daily living so that a senior who is coping with the fatigue of shingles can save their energy.
  • Helping your parent to cope with the pain of shingles through emotional support and encouraging them to follow the guidelines that their doctor gives them, which might include using cold compresses, calamine lotion, or over the counter pain medications.
  • Supporting and aggressive germ control approach that will help protect your parent from further infections and illnesses, and reduce the risk of spreading the virus to those who have not had chickenpox.
  • Monitoring your parent’s condition and symptoms so that they can detect if the condition is getting worse and bring this to your attention so that you can make the right decision or further medical care and attention for your senior.


How can home care help?

Starting home care for your aging parents can be a fantastic way to enhance their quality of life and support their ongoing health and well-being as they age in place. Through the highly personalized services of an in-home senior care services provider, your parent can manage their individual challenges and limitations while also pursuing the highest level of independence, activity, and engagement as possible.

Services such as transportation, meal preparation, assistance with running errands, help with personal care needs, mobility support, and companionship can help your parents to enjoy greater safety, comfort, and physical and mental health and well-being throughout their later years. As their family caregiver, this can ease your stress and give you peace of mind so you are able to focus your energy and attention on both your parents and the other obligations in your life as efficiently as possible.


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