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As a family caregiver, one of your most important priorities is keeping your aging parent safe and healthy.

While you might think of a wide variety of ways that you can do this through the direct care that you give them, such as eating a healthy diet and making sure that they follow through with the guidelines that their doctor gives them to stay healthy, it is vital that you also think about the importance of their environment. Their surroundings can have a tremendous impact on their health and by taking steps to improve that environment you can help your parent to stay healthier throughout their later years.

February is National Care About Your Indoor Air Month. This is the ideal time for you to learn more about indoor air quality and the impact that it can make on your parent’s health so that you can take the proper steps to improve this air quality and support your parent’s health moving forward.

Some things that you should know about indoor air quality include:

-The EPA considers indoor air a Top 5 environmental danger

-Secondhand smoke is a leading cause of indoor air pollution

-The average home has between 5 and 100 times the amount of pollution as the outdoor air

-Basic daily tasks such as cleaning, personal care, and hobbies can release hundreds of harmful chemicals into the air, leading to potential risks

-Those with polluted indoor air can suffer a wide range of health issues including increased allergies, throat and eye irritation, chronic cough, fatigue, increased risk of illness and infection, and even increased risk of cancer

-A large part of indoor air quality rests in the cleanliness of ducts and air systems, which can build up contaminants such as dirt, dust, pet danger, hair, skin cells, fibers, fungi, bacteria, and more, and spread them back through the living areas in the air


Starting senior care for your aged and loved ones can be one of the best decisions that you make for them during the course of your caregiver journey.

An in-home senior care services provider can be with your aging parent on a fully customized schedule so that they have access to the care, support, assistance, and personalized services that they need to manage their individual challenges in the ways that are right for them. This means that they can maintain a lifestyle that is a safe, healthy, comfortable, and as happy as possible as they age in place while also enjoying as much independence and fulfillment as they can. These services can include transportation, assistance with personal care needs, mobility support, help with housekeeping tasks, meal preparation, companionship, and more.

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