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Assisted Living Alternative

TLC Assisted Living Alternatives: quality care versus quantity care.

Obstacles and Solutions to Challenges of Aging at Home

Isolation: One of the biggest obstacle to living at home is living alone which can cause feelings of isolation and withdrawals.

However, engaging in social activities and other activities to stimulate brain functions have been proven to combat this. At home we can still visit with familiar people such as neighbors and friends as well as going out to community functions functions.


Home Care hourly rates are higher when done in 24 hour shifts for those who need around the clock care however if our loved ones only need help with housekeeping or meal prep, they can save more money at home with hourly rates than they would in an assisted living home which requires them to pay for their care in a 24-hour increment and pay for their housing/shelter costs separately. If 24-hour care is needed there are payment options starting at $12.50/hour ($294/day) for 24 hour shifts or live-in shifts that are comparable and sometimes more affordable than assisted living cost and expenses. Live in shifts does not mean the caregiver gets to move in and live with the client but they are there for a 3-4 day shift then they rotate with another caregiver to give them each 3-4 days off.

More Responsibility of Things to Care For at Home

With Live-In Care and Hourly Care, the caregiver will take care of the house and property as if they were living there. Performing chores such as running errands, grocery shopping, transportation to and from appointments, housekeeping, lawn or yard care, laundry as well as pet care.

Pros of Aging at Home


Is so important to seniors because many are hesitant to receiving care and have not accepted the fact their health may be declining. Also they don’t want to leave what’s familiar and the homes they’ve been living in for years. It holds emotional and sentimental value to their hearts.


At home they feel they have more control of their lives because this is their home, they are familiar with it and they already have their own daily routines established. They have control of their schedules, they don’t run on an institutional schedule. And most importantly, they still feel like their choices are their own. This gives them purpose and extends their quality of living.

Quality Time and Attention

At home they have quality time because they are not sharing caregivers with 5-8 other people. They have the caregiver’s undivided attention and are able to work with the caregivers to establish their daily care routines.

At TLC Home Care our goal is to help older adults live their lives how they choose to and more often than not they choose to be in homes and communities they love not in an institution.

We are all about Community!

We believe in care being a community involvement. Everyone involved is a catalyst for change in our client’s care. We believe that everyone deserves to be healed in their body, mind and soul. We strive on every occasion to come up with real solutions and partner with outside agencies to provide every resource necessary to achieve care goals.


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