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About TLC Home Care...

​We serve all of Anchorage, Matsu, Fairbanks, and now the entire Kenai peninsula.
We believe our clients and families in Alaska turn to us because of our wholehearted commitment to providing care with compassion, professionalism, excellence, and reliability.

TLC Home Care started off as three people who performed their duties as caregivers.
Those three people originally worked for other agencies and saw the neglect, ugliness, and
lack of quality that they wanted to make a difference.


With the same goals in mind and God in the picture, God brought them together to not only provide care but to grow in God, have passion and love for what they do, provide the best possible care, and to keep the cost of care affordable. Management and office staff know how to fix problems, train caregivers, and also have the drive and determination to not make the same mistakes that they saw in previous agencies.

Our Mission

It is the mission of TLC Home Care to serve and support clients with the highest level of
service and professionalism possible, so clients may have greater control of how they live their
lives. Also, to strive to maintain an employee responsive organization where employees feel
supported, valued, and respected. Thus, we will conduct the affairs of this company in a
transparent manner with the highest level of ethics and professionalism.

Anchorage Office

907-336-2273 (F)2274

Fairbanks Office:

907-479-2273 (F)2270

Kenai Office:


Fairbanks Office: fbxofc@tlcathomecare.com

Kenai Office email:


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