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Being unorganized may not have been a problem for your loved one before, but it can cause problems for her as she ages. Here are some spots that are more likely to be a problem when it comes to organization.
Having a disorganized home can be a tremendous problem for your elderly loved one. Disorganization makes it difficult for your loved one to spot expired foods and medications and can lead to clutter.

Kitchen Cabinets and Pantries
If your loved one’s kitchen cabinets have heavy items above her head, moving those to lower cabinets is much safer. Also, if the items that she uses most often are scattered all over the kitchen in different cabinets, moving them to a more central location might make better sense. Having pantries that are disorganized or that have the most commonly used items spread out can also be an issue. Be especially aware of expired pantry items so that you can remove them.

Laundry and Storage Areas
Laundry rooms, storage areas, and garages can all become cluttered very easily. They can also collect items that are dangerous or that your loved one really doesn’t need any longer. Clearing these areas out can create storage space that your loved one can actually use.

Closets and Shelving Units
Shelves and closets can become another spot in your loved one’s home that collects items. It’s a good idea to go through these spaces and determine what your loved one no longer needs and uses. From there, you can start to organize the area according to what she actually needs from that area of her home.

Medicine Cabinets
Old medication that your loved one no longer takes or that is expired doesn’t need to hang around in her medicine cabinet. It’s entirely too easy to get those older medicines confused with medicines that she does need. Make it a habit to regularly go through your loved one’s medicine cabinet to make sure that it’s up to date.

Living Areas
If your loved one’s living areas, such as her living room, den, or bedroom, are cluttered or are difficult to navigate, that can present a problem for your loved one. Consider moving furniture and other items so that they don’t present a tripping hazard and so your loved one can easily navigate the entire room. Look for storage options that keep items your loved one uses often out of the way when they’re not in use.

Hiring home care providers can help to keep these areas organized after you and your loved one work out a system.

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