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  • Elder Care in Homer AK
    16/05/2017 - LINA MAVAEGA, OWNER 0 Comments
    Elder Care in Homer AK: 4 Remodeling Tips That Could Help Your Parent Age in Place

    In the past, when people reached their senior years it was common for them to move in with their children or into a senior living facility. However, more and more seniors are finding ways to age in place—that is, they are finding ways to continue living in their homes.

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  • Caregiver in Soldotna AK: Emotional Overeating is Common in Family Caregivers
    04/05/2017 - LINA MAVAEGA, OWNER 0 Comments
    Emotional Overeating is Common in Family Caregivers

    April is Emotional Overeating Awareness Month, a time to examine the causes and cures of emotional overeating. Family caregivers are an especially high risk group that struggles with emotional overeating.

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  • Home Care in Anchorage AK: Company News
    02/05/2017 - LINA MAVAEGA, OWNER 0 Comments
    Company News from TLC!

    Hello everyone! TLC would like to proudly honor the 2 Caregivers of the month of April, Talaivao Passi for Anchorage, and Erin Dodds for Fairbanks! Also recognizing the caregivers of the month for March, Mary Minor for Anchorage and Janene Gill for Fairbanks. Employee of the month shirts and a $20 gift certificates can be picked up at the offices. We want to acknowledge and let our caregivers that go above and beyond in all that they do know that we truly appreciate all the love and hard work you do for our clients and the communities that we serve! Please be ready for taking a picture as well for the Caregiver Wall of Fame at both office locations. Anchorage’s office location is at 1601 E84th Ave. 99507 The contact email is fax number is (907) 336-2274. TLC’s Fairbanks office location and contact information is (907) 479-2273 The physical address is 600 University Ave. Suite #1C 99709. The Fairbanks office email is Fairbanks fax number is (907)479-2270.

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  • 11/04/2017 - Lina Mavaega, Owner 0 Comments
    National Parkinson's Awareness Month: Things to Know About Parkinson's and Dystonia

    Home Care in Eagle River AK: Every year, almost 60,000 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. The Parkinson's Disease Foundation puts the worldwide total at over 10 million men and women. Home care offers an invaluable way for someone with Parkinson's to remain in the comfort of their home. It's especially important to have home care providers when dystonia is one of the symptoms.

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  • Elder Care in Palmer AK
    05/04/2017 - Lina Mavaega, Owner 0 Comments
    Do You Know the Symptoms of Shingles in Seniors?

    If your aging parent had chicken pox in their youth (as most people have), then they are at risk for a related virus called shingles.

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  • Senior Care in Wasilla: Is Your Elderly Loved One at Risk of Whooping Cough?
    30/03/2017 - Lina Mavaega, Owner 0 Comments
    Is Your Elderly Loved One at Risk of Whooping Cough?

    Each year thousands of cases of whooping cough throughout the United States are reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Some studies have indicated, however, that the actual number of cases suffered is far higher than the number of those reported.

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  • 14/03/2017 - Lina Mavaega, Owner 0 Comments
    Tips for Boosting Memory Skills on Memory Day

    March 21 is Memory Day. This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn about simple and approachable ways that you can modify and improve your parent’s care and routine to help them improve their memory skill and protect these skills throughout their later years.

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  • Elderly Care in Anchorage AK: Photo Albums are a Joy for Seniors!
    28/02/2017 - Lina Mavaega. Owner 0 Comments
    Photos Bring Our Elderly Loved-Ones Joy! Learn How to Make it a Great Experience.

    What Are the Best Ways to Make Photo Albums Perfect for Your Elderly Loved-one?

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  • 20/01/2017 - admin 0 Comments
    Keeping Elders Active

    You are only as old as you feel and keeping active can help you feeling young. Exercise not only has a multitude of health benefits for the body, but for your mind as well. 

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